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April 2021 Notes

Some big exciting things have been going on around here, so I thought I’d make a list of what’s been happening lately.

Big News:

First off, most exciting: I’m getting my own art studio shed! The shed is already here in my driveway and I’m just waiting for a tractor so we can level the spot where it’s going and put the shed up.

That’s the second most exciting thing: We bought a tractor! It’s a Kubota BX23s. It’s getting delivered on Tuesday.

Kids & Family Notes

Everybody always asks me how the kids are doing. They’re doing pretty good. Eman applied for college in the fall {Yikes!} and as soon as he gets new glasses that boy will be driving. {Double Yikes!}

The girls are good – doing what they always do – I just wish I could get them to help more with housework but I get it that they’re exhausted after school. Fortunately it’s Friday {and I LOVE Fridays!} so that means they can help around this house this weekend. They’re thrilled.

A bunch of people had birthdays in April. Happy birthday to all your April peeps! One of those people was my Dad and every birthday he has I’m always thankful he’s still here in my life.

My mom’s birthday is next month and we are planning a little get together with family. Everybody’s vaccinated at this point and we’re hoping for nice weather so that should be a fun time.

Creative Pursuits

In the creative pursuits area, I’ve been kind of obsessed with all things tiny and miniature. I’ve been blogging a LOT over at – and that’s probably what inspired me to name my new business venture Keyword Fairy – because I built the cutest fairy house last weekend.

This weekend I’m hoping to do some more creative and crafty stuff but of course waiting on that tractor to get my new art studio shed. It’s seriously the next best thing to me buying my own seperate house for creative pursuits.

I can’t wait for the shed, I have really been wanting to do some sewing which will be a lot easier to do once I have a dedicated space to set up my sewing machine and organize fabric.

Anyways, that’s what’s been happening in April of 2021 for me – tell me what’s going on for you. Whatcha been up to? Whether it’s been boring or exciting I’d love to hear about it all the same. There’s a comments section below. 🙂

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