Dwelling is another painting in my stories without words series.

Dwelling Webres

This one was painted on a square 14″ canvas and was created in acrylic and ink.

Here is what the painting looked like before the inking:

Starter Canvas

I liked the original canvas a lot just as it is, but I can’t help it – I see all the shapes and the contrast of the colors and lines, and I immediately want to ink them.

You might notice that the original doesn’t have a smudge in the sky, but the finished one does. That’s because I was painting something else yesterday nearby and it splashed – oops.

I actually like the smudge though, maybe it’s a moon.

One of the things I do love about these paintings though is there are so many little intricate stories and things to look at. You could get lost looking at paintings like these because there are so many different little details.

I have been really drawn to work with blue and orange a lot lately – the browns and burnt siennas too. They are contrasting complementary colors and one of my favorite combinations.