I am always trying to figure out how to design + set up my own personal sites + social media profiles to make sense – and also be a more welcoming invitation + entrance to my body of work I’ve created in the last 23+ years of internet publishing.

Something I thought would be nice to do is share the bloggers who I’ve always admired for their courage, their simplicity, rawness and honesty.

Zen Habits: Leo’s been around blogging almost as long as I have. It’s fun to look at wayback machine to see how its evolved. Also, don’t anyone ever tell ya you can’t succeed with a .net domain extension, this is proof it actually doesn’t even matter.

Seth Godin: If you are into marketing/biz/thinking outside the box, this is for you.

Austin Kleon: Austin Kleon is excellent role model for cohesive online presence. He’s also rocking the classic old school Genesis WP theme + it works for him STILL after all these years.

Dooce: Heather Armstrong was brutally honest + open about her own personal struggles with addiction, depression, parenting, etc. As someone who was a very early blogging pioneer, It hit me hard learning of her death May of 2023. Read About Her Work + Life Here

Glenn Allsop: I have been reading Glenn’s work since the early days of Viper Chill. When I joined SEO Blueprint, he actually took the time to make me a personalized voice recording. His body of work has been exceptionally useful, inspiring, and right in line with my own internet publishing values since the very beginning. I’m not on Twitter, but if you are that’s probably the best place to stay on top of what he’s up to.

This list could probably be like 200 blogs long, so I’ll either add to it later or I’ll get to work on building a proper index/directory site one of these days.

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