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Blogs About Finding Things

I like to find cool things at random. I’m one of those people who always notices stuff dropped on the ground – dimes and pennies in a parking lot, kids toys lost at the park, mittens on the side of the road.

I love metal detecting and beach combing, though these are things that have pretty much been on hold for the past year with so many things being shut down or closed. Last year was the first year EVER that we didn’t drive up to Lake Erie or any place like that. It was sad.

We haven’t really gone ANYWHERE in the past year really, which makes it even harder to find cool things at random. I did find a dime in the parking lot a couple of weeks ago when I was at the pharmacy picking up my crazy meds…that’s been the only thing I’ve found so far this year.

Fortunately! There are lots of websites and blogs online that DO document finding cool things. I decided to make a list of them here, because I tend to forget about them and what they are called and then I have to spend 25 minutes searching online until I finally DO remember what they are.

Here are some blogs that I found that are all about finding things. 🙂

Forgotten Bookmarks

forgotten bookmarks website screenshot

Forgotten Bookmarks is one of those websites that makes me wish I were a used bookseller so I too could go through pallets and pallets of books and search each and everyone for interesting notes or bookmarks.

Grocery Lists

grocery lists website screenshot

I think I would be mortified if other people read my grocery lists. I actually write a bunch of things we buy in some sort of cryptic code only I would understand a lot of times.

Naturally, this doesn’t stop me from going to a site like and looking through other people’s lists.

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

dictionary of obscure sorrows screenshot

This blog is not so much about finding things as it is about finding words – sad and depressing ones as that. Definitely a niche I suppose!

Here’s hoping we all get to experience lilo soon after a year of agnosthesia.

While I was writing this list, I realized I only had three blogs actually saved somewhere in my mess of notes and lists and bookmarks. Surely there had to be more!

Well, I did a Google search and turns out there are not that many blogs about found things and finding stuff at random.

screenshot of no search results

I thought surely someone else had made a list like this at some point. Nope.

How disappointing!

So, y’know what I did of course, right?

I made a list of things that I think would be cool blogs of stuff you might find. If you need an idea for a niche blog that would probably turn into a good book, here’s your inspiration!

Found Coins – I’m always finding pennies, dimes, sometimes even get really lucky and find quarters!

Found in a Parking Lot – People constantly leave stuff in parking lots. Most of it is trash, but occasionally you find interesting things.

Stuff Found in Pockets – If you have pockets and put stuff in them, chances are you will find some interesting things there, especially if you’re the person doing the laundry.

Things Found in Churches – My parents were the choir directors of a church for my entire childhood so I spent a LOT time in church as a kid. You definitely find some interesting things.

Lost Socks – Do you have an entire laundry bin of socks with no match? We do!

Found at the Park – If you go to parks regularly you can usually find all kinds of things. One time in just one trip we found a soccer ball, party favors, and a mermaid toy.

I’m sure I’ll think of more ideas, but for now that’s a pretty good list! Who knows? Maybe I’ll even start posting some of the stuff I find at random on this blog.

Of course, if you start a blog about finding things, one thing to think about is what to do with items that you find.

In most cases, if the item is not particularly valuable {ie: it is trash, a penny, a pop can tab} – you can keep it or just dispose of it properly.

If the item is valuable {ie: wallet, phone, a stuffed animal that is ragged but clearly loved by some kid somewhere} – you should do the right thing and try to find its rightful owner. Most of the time for stuff I’ve found there is a park office or a store/restaurant manager who you can give the item to.

If the item is one of those things you are not sure about and isn’t really of value and there is no place to turn in “lost things” – just snap a photo and leave it there.

What do you think? Do you like finding stuff? Do you know of any sites about found things I could check out and add to my list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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