Sometimes I write music well suited for crime shows and dramatic film as a fun creative outlet.

Perfect for those late nights you feel like chasing down ghosts, solving mysteries, running away from aliens, storming the castle, writing that novel or screenplay you’ve been thinking about…

This is Everything Must Go…

This song started out as an attempt to write my own dubstep song. It went wild on its own from there.

I love listening to dubstep, so I set out to learn all about what dubstep song construction looked like. I learned about bass swells and cool tricks to get a realistic sounding hi-hat drum, I learned about the build-ups and everything else that goes into a dubstep style song.

I decided to go with the key of B minor – one of my next favorite keys to A minor – and within 2-3 days the song was finished. Within a week, it was professionally mixed and mastered by my husband and released.

About the song title + Artwork

I didn’t set out to make this song about anything in particular, but as I was writing and listening to it, I pictured someone cleaning up after some kind of devastation – moving furniture, throwing dishes, dealing with pain and sorrow. All the events of the devastation led up to the build up and the release for the chorus.

The artwork was created with a Photoshop blending technique I developed back in the days when I was designing digital scrapbooking kits full-time. I took 4 public domain photos and played around with them until I had the cover art.

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