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Finally Got That Taylor Guitar

I’ve been wanting a Taylor guitar…for I dunno…forever? Since the first time I ever played one? Well, after saving up all my pennies for 20 years, I finally got one. 🙂

We’ve had a LOT of guitars in our house and I’ve played a lot of different guitars. My first guitar I learned to play on was my Dad’s old Yamaha guitar when I was 12. That guitar was perfect for learning on, but it was hard to play unless you had really big hands because the neck is thick and the strings are kind of set far apart from each other.

The Taylor I got, is not like that at all. 🙂

When my husband and I got married, I got instant access to all kinds of guitars because he used to be in a band. He had a Martin D-12, a Martin 12 string, a Gibson Les Paul, an old Sigma guitar and numerous others.

Out of all those guitars, the Sigma was my standby for a long time. It was an old guitar and it got a lot of use/abuse but it still sounded fine.

Well, it was all fine, it’s not like we are serious professional rock stars or anything…and sure not performing in a pandemic or anything like that…but then the Sigma guitar started having problems with staying in tune.

Seriously so bad you couldn’t even get halfway through a song without needing to tune it again.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I told my husband he had to take me to Guitar Center and that was it – I was buying my Taylor.

And that is exactly what we did.

Buying a guitar in a pandemic sort of is not nearly as fun as it is when you buy one when it’s not a pandemic, but fortunately the store was not busy.

They only let 1 customer in at a time to go into the guitar room, which sort of was actually nice – you didn’t have to worry about other people playing the same time as you and clouding your ability to hear what the guitar sounded like.

We had a super awesome sales person…who very patiently showed us 5-6 different guitars we were interested in.

We almost actually decided on the wrong guitar – there was a cheaper Taylor made with laminate that sounded good and I figured would be just fine, it was a lot more “budget-friendly” too.

But then we asked them if they could buy any guitar in this room which one it would be…and that’s how I ended up with this guitar.

Side by side, the two Taylors together – one made of real wood vs. the laminate – there is a HUGE difference in the sound quality.

I thought the guitar was a little too “fancy” maybe even too ornate at first, with its pearlescent details and fancy flourishes and the sunburst finish…but it just felt right.

It was the first time, ever in my life, that I could hold a guitar in my hands and was the right size. It’s like being Goldilocks in a world of chairs too big and too small and you finally find that one that’s just right.

taylor guitar

Anyways, this is my guitar. I love it. I’ve been playing it like crazy. My youngest daughter has started playing it too. 🙂

And if you think that getting a guitar like this is just some crazy dream that’ll never happen – here’s some advice. Get a big jar or coffee can. Fill it up with whatever leftover money you have everyday for 20 years. You might just get it sooner than you think!

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