It’s April and one of the things I love to do around this time of year is to hit up all the flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, and church rummage sales.

Another thing I really love is Christmas music, but you can’t really listen to Christmas music in April, people judge you for it.

I also really enjoy writing parody songs. It’s not quite like writing bad poetry, because it is songwriting, and believe it or not, songwriting and poetry are actually very different.

So, today I present to you….a parody song called “Here We Come a Rummaging” sung to the tune of Here We Come a Wassailing.

I didn’t bother writing out lyrics for all the verses (because let’s face it, after the first verse and round of the chorus of this song we’ve heard enough!) but I thought it was pretty good + the perfect kind of thing to post here under my music section of the blog.

Eventually, we may get around to recording it. The song is believed to have originated in the 1800’s and is in the public domain so we wouldn’t have to worry about trying to get copyright clearances.

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Lyrics for Here We Come a-Rummaging

Here’s a link to a We Come a-Wassailing Video in case you’re not familiar with the original song.

Here We Come a-Rummaging
Sung to the tune of Here We Come a-Wassailing

Here we come a-Rummaging,
Among the junk we see.
Here we come a-wondering,
what treasures might we need!

Junk and Joy come to you,
and may you a-rummage too!
God bless you and send you,
happy junk of yesteryear,
God send you junk of yesteryear.

What do you think? Do you like my song? Have any ideas for the rest of the lyrics? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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