Last week I discovered that I know a lot about pickles.

I say discovered because I just thought everyone knew what I knew about pickles, but apparently this is not the case!

Somehow, I seem to have “above average knowledge of pickles”. This becomes apparent when I start telling you the history of Heinz, or that there are differences between how pickles are canned for flavor + type of cucumber + even just recommend a brand of pickles I like best.

At any rate, this summer I’m hoping to make it to Picklesburgh this year. It’s July 21-July 23.

I’m not sure if we have plans or if its even possible yet, but it def. makes me think about how much I love visiting different festivals + events + meeting people.

Also reminds me of the times when we were kids + eating pickles around grandma’s kitchen table or knocking over a huge jar of them in the “pickle aisle” at the store by accident.

Anyways, Pickles are cool. Attending community events + participating in them is cool too, especially as we finally begin healing in the ever crazy + changing world.

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