Standard License Terms

This licensing agreement applies to all digital high-resolution products purchased through my online shop and for all items available for download at .

Individuals who purchase high-resolution print files or download my free designs are granted the following standard license to use and print materials without restriction for their own individual personal or professional non-profit use.

Why This License Exists

Most of the materials I create are available to access freely on the internet, however these materials are optimized for web use and are not always print-friendly nor is a digital format always practical.

This individual license allows for supporters of my work to enjoy a print-friendly format that is ad-free, encourages sharing and collaboration, and is not dependent on having access to an internet connection.

Through licensing, supporters are able to make my work accessible world-wide to others who may greatly benefit from the creative materials but do not have the means to access it themselves.

I also provide design source files to licensees (if available) so that individuals may alter and customize downloads as they wish for their own individual needs.

Individual Standard Use License Terms

These digital files were created with the intention so that individuals, parents, teachers, mental health workers and other professionals may use these materials in a professional setting or for their own personal use at home.

The license permits a reasonable amount of copying and printing for non-profit use. Examples of reasonable uses include but are not limited to the following:

  • Printing several copies for classroom use or to create individual student copies.
  • Printing several copies with the purpose of creating gifts for family and friends.
  • Printing multiple copies to use in group settings where the person is the facilitator of the group activity or instruction.
  • Using the included design files to alter, modify, and create their own derivative works for individual non-profit use.
  • Importing a digital copy into an app or software program to modify the design files for their own personal use. {Examples include Pigment, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc.}

This license does not include permission for mass distribution exceeding over 500 copies, printing in for-profit environments where participants are required to pay a fee, printing for the purposes of resale, or printing these materials with the purpose of redistributing for promotional marketing or advertising.

You may not sell any of these digital files. You may not publish these materials on your own website or upload them to file sharing types of sites with the purpose to distribute the files to others. You may retain a private backup copy of the files for your own use.

As a licensee, you do not own the copyright to any files and may not claim copyright to the original files nor to any derivative works you create.

Michelle Stein, the creator, reserves the right to revoke this license or change the terms of the standard licensing agreement at any time.