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What I Got in the Mail Yesterday

Yesterday I had a whole pile of packages and boxes waiting for me by the door. Today I finally got around to opening them.

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with how much stuff we end up ordering online. I love that I don’t have to go to stores. I hate all the cardboard that inevitably piles up that I now have to recycle.

Last week when we were getting hit with ice storms and our driveway turned into our own personal ice skating rink, I joked to my husband that we should just pile up all the cardboard we get on top of the driveway and light a fire.

Of course, the driveway is sort of close to gas lines and cars and that kind of thing, so we didn’t. But the thought did cross my mind. I love a good bonfire!

Anyways, since this site is now officially a personal blog and I’m literally just blogging from the seat of my pants from this point on moving forward, I figured hey, why not share what I got in the mail with all of you lovely people.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even make this a regular feature on the website. I get a lot of mail + packages. We have a great relationship with both our USPS mail carrier and our regular UPS truck driver.

You never know – you might need the same things as I do and my round-ups of “crap I order online to get shipped to the house” will inspire you.

Here’s a photo of all the things I got this week.

photo of things i got in the mail this week.

Let’s go over all the things that are shown in the photo above.

Pet Lovers Lint Rollers:

We have a bunch of cats and a dog. One of those cats is a Flame Point Himalayan and he is SUPER fluffy with crazy amounts of light fur that immediately sticks to my mostly black minimal wardrobe.

I don’t really use Lint Rollers like ever, because I have just embraced I will always be covered in cat fur and dog hair, but my daughters like them for school because y’know…normal people care about that kind of thing. {I’m not a normal.}

I haven’t tried the Pet Lovers Lint Rollers yet, so I’ll update this post once my kids have a chance to really put them to the test.

Elmer’s X-treme Glue Sticks

Another thing I’ve never tried before are these Elmer’s X-treme Glue sticks. I like their CraftBond glue sticks, so I’m hoping these are about the same quality.

Their washable purple glue sticks are economical and great if you just need to hold something down temporarily but they don’t last very well long term.

I go through glue sticks like candy…mostly because I make things like Glue Books!

I do wish they would figure out a way to make them a little more eco-friendly. Like maybe have a refillable glue stick? I really need to figure out what to do with old glue sticks…that might a craft project some day.

Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator

We ordered this Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator for my daughter. She needed a calculator for school {because they aren’t allowed to have things like iPhones or iPads during class} and despite my husband and I swearing we had like a million calculators somewhere in this house…we couldn’t find one. Not one!

Well, that’s not true. We did find *one* calculator covered in dust in the garage…an old calculator from the 1970’s. That thing is like 2″ thick and runs on D batteries. But it works! She took it to school last week but it definitely drew some attention for “being weird”.

Side Note: Sometimes I find it annoying how much unnecessary crap I have to buy just so my kids can fit into society, but I’m also really empathetic about it because I remember what it was like to be that kid who never had what all the other kids had and getting made fun of for it.

San Disk Extreme SD Card:

I’m on a quest to start making more videos and take more professional photos with my new DSLR camera…and that means I needed I also needed an SD card to go with it.

This San Disk Extreme SD card is a good choice if you plan on recording 4k and HD videos or want lots of space for high res photos.

Removable Glue Dots:

I’ve seen a lot of crafters use glue dots, and honestly I’ve never used them before. But I have BIG plans for these – I’m hoping to make collage sheets with them!

Right now all of my collage supplies look like a giant mess of hamster bedding…my hope is I can use these to attach the scraps of paper to bigger sheets of paper and they’ll come off easily when I want to use it in a project.

We shall see…I’m planning to put these glue dots to the test this week!

Gonzo Odor Removing Rocks

A few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of really awesome vintage magazines from the 1960’s on eBay. It was a huge lot – like $20 magazines for only $20 and I was like sweet! What a great deal!

Except…when the magazines got here…the package before I even opened it smelled bad. Like knock you on your socks kind of bad.

The stench of mildew was so nasty I was pretty mad about it. Why would you as an eBay seller sell something in that kind of condition? Or at least not disclose that it reeked of mildew?

Mildew in paper = Really bad. It’s contagious. It spreads. You can destroy all your books + paper + everything you own in your house quick.

I immediately quarantined the magazines in a plastic tote while I decided what to do about them. The magazines had all these awesome images I could use for collage + different craft projects.

I read about someone using these Gonzo odor rocks to get the smell of smoke out of books, so I thought what the heck, why not? Maybe it will work on musty smelly old magazines. I’ll give it a try and update with my experiment – hoping it works!

I also ordered some MicroChamber Interleaving paper which is what the professional ephemera, book and paper archivists use but it hasn’t gotten here yet – probably will arrive later this week.

Anyways, that’s what I got in the mail this week and why I got it and what I plan to do with it. I’ll update this post once I actually DO all the things I talk about doing. That’s the hard part. 🙂

What do you think? Is a post like this interesting? Helpful? Let me know if I should continue this series of “What I Got in the Mail”. And of course if you’ve tried any of these things or got any cool mail tell me about that too in the comments section below!

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