Making Art. Writing Stuff. High Probability for Coffee.

I keep trying to figure out what to do with my life. I know I like to make art and write stuff, but I don’t know what to do with all the things I’ve made so far.

In trying to understand indecision, I think about the types of decisions for me that are easy to make: Drink coffee.

I make coffee on purpose every day. It’s not amazing coffee, but it’s good enough. I know exactly what to do with it. I pour it in my cup, wait for it to cool down and then I drink it.

This is why I like coffee. Coffee is predictable. There’s nothing involved in anything other than deciding I want to make coffee in the first place.

When you make art or write or think of an idea, it’s a lot harder to decide what to do with it.

Do I publish it on my blog? Do I publish it on social media? Do I wrap it up like a pretty package and publish it in a book? Do I print my art out on demand onto things like t-shirts and coffee mugs and sell it? Do I pitch it for licensing?

I’m not good at making decisions like that, but if I can’t decide between writing or art (or maybe even something entirely else), I can always make coffee.

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