How do I possibly tell you everything on a single page on a blog?

Well, I like to think about impossible things all the time, so maybe it is possible.

Thinking in lists is helpful for me, I call it “List-Brained Thinking™”.

Some of the most popular articles I’ve ever written on the internet are lists. I’ve even made lists of lists. It’s still one of my most popular blog posts after all these years.

I’m passionately curious, dig for the truth, and know that no matter how hard I try to really know you, I can barely catch a glimpse if you’re reading this right now.

I don’t believe in black and white thinking, and even 50 shades of gray is really insufficient. I view life through a kaleidoscope.

I like to make art. I don’t care so much about whether the art is any good, I care about making art. It’s about process, not product.

I love research, and so I was searching to find out how many colors can people even actually see. We don’t even know how many colors the human eye can detect or distinguish, but I really love the idea of a color counting machine.

I’m always working on different projects. I’m trying to stay more accountable for what I’m actually doing with my time. I’m writing about that here.

I’m fluent in English and a few other languages: Love, Music, Art, Code, Silence, Kids.

I’m glad you stopped by, and I think that’s enough to know about me for now. I’ll try to update more as I think of it.

If you have have any questions, just ask here.