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Stories Without Words

Last spring and summer I was looking at all my gel plate prints and marbled papers and just decided to start doodling on them. I somehow ended up with a whole series.

I’m calling these “Stories Without Words” – mainly because there is so much going on in each page you can definitely find some stories there!

The other thing I like about these stories without words is there are just so many different ways you could look at them and you can see all kinds of different things. Everybody is going to see something different when they first look at them.

Most of these were made in the summer of 2020 – I’m just finally getting around to posting them to the blog now!

A Boy And His Bicycle

This one is one of my favorites. If you look closely, you can sort of see the bicycle along with a poodle and a balloon and a bird. It reminds me of my husband for some reason. Maybe because he loves our dog like crazy and he also has a Haro BMX bike he got as a kid in the 80’s and still rides now.

At the Beach

at the beach

This one reminded me of the beach with the yellow sand, the blue waves.

Business as Usual

I forget why I called this one business as usual but I like it! I think it’s because it sort of reminds me of a busy place and lots of things going on.

But Why Did You Leave?

If you look carefully in this image, you can see a bird and a character together. I imagine the character asking the bird why it left.

Looking for Unicorns

looking for unicorns

This one is called Looking for Unicorns…because it is just very much “unicorn colors”. Can you see the unicorns in the picture? I made this on a marbled paper “ghost print” – it’s not the original marbled paper but the one I do afterwards to catch whatever leftover paint might still be floating on top.

Out of the Water

out of the water

This one, depending how you look at it – can be a lake surrounded by a forest, or it can be a very big blue fish surrounded by the trees and grass.

Outside the Island

outside the island

This one I see a bunch of different islands and characters.

The Light Keeper

the lightkeeper

This one seemed to get a lot of positive feedback from friends. Can you find the elephant?

The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

This one is actually the smallest of them all – it only measures about the size of an index card.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy looking at these – let me know in the comments what you see when you look at them! I love how everybody sees things differently!

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